Molly & Kent is the personal consulting business of Dickon Kent, and he loves building websites, online applications, and digital marketing campaigns that align with your goals.

Improve the lives of your customers and employees

Create more sales for your business

Bring more ease to your work and personal life

Dickon’s been doing this for over twenty years. How can he help you?

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So What Do I Do?

I am a business builder and marketing professional who uses the internet as your canvas.

I (Dickon) am not a “Web Designer” (because that is so limiting).
Working with design and online technology has been home for over twenty years. I know it well. I’m not impressed by tech jargon or being an “early adopter”. I know that the tech landscape is changing all the time, so my goal is to build solid foundations that evolve as needed, always in support of your business or goals.
An Approach Focused On You

Using today’s digital tools there are a million ways to create solutions.

Because of this, focusing on the problems that need to be solved is where I start. Let’s get back to the basics and then define plans, vision and goals to solve those issues. Detailed and complete specifications are critical to executing a successful project.


I believe the purpose of technology is to help people spend more quality time with their loved ones, friends and customers…

Seriously, I do. Your businesses should run as efficiently as possible so that you’re working to live, not living to work.
A concise Digital Strategy lays the ground work for this, and it’s what I can help you create.


How I Work

What to expect when starting out on a new project with Molly & Kent.


Start A Conversation

Let’s talk so we can find out what’s working, or not working for you.

The Right Fit

Look at some of our work and see other companies that we have great relationships with.

Plan The Plan

Define the approach, both creative and technical and apply that to a schedule and budget to solve the issues found in Step 1. Let's make something wonderful!

Just Do It

Design and build what’s in the plan. Create the graphics and design for the front-end, while developing the back-end infrastructure and code.

Watch, Measure And Optimize

Review and track what we launched online. Make sure it keeps improving based on where people are finding the most value and utility in it.
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Some nice things the people I’ve worked with have to say.