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Imagine if you had someone to help out when you were tasked with:

  • Updating the company website and treating it like a business rather than a brochure
  • Improving your organization’s online reputation
  • Planning a workflow application that would optimize existing processes
  • Choosing the right social media channels to focus on for your marketing
  • Optimizing your website’s navigation for more sales
  • Developing a digital marketing campaign

If you’ve been responsible for any of these before, or another form of digital development, this can be really daunting. Deciding between development platforms, programming languages like PHP, JS, ASP, HTML, C++, and so many more… Web and application hosting options. Content management systems. The lists are full of acronyms and go on and on and on… Specifications, “content”, media, etc. And even once it’s all said and done and you have a website up and running, what happens when you need updates? Design changes? The marketing team wants a new landing page? Software updates? This stuff can make anyone’s head spin. I can work with you to take away that spinning effect.

Dickon Kent
A Little History

My name is Dickon Kent. I’m the President & Founder of Molly & Kent and have been designing and developing websites and applications since 1997.

That first project was for the movie City Of Industry starring Harvey Keitel. Since then I’ve worked on marketing websites for Disney, Paramount Pictures, NASA, NBC Universal, and many many more. I’ve also designed applications and digital workflow tools for companies such as IBM, Nestle, Paramount Digital Marketing, and Creative Startups.

Molly & Kent was founded in 2016 and our first project was an online music community designed to empower artists, rather than the the studios that traditionally have run that music business model.

The Past

Throughout my career I have led the design and production of many projects including:

  • The redesign and rebuild of emmys.com
  • The design and build of the Television Academy Awards Nomination Platform
  • Custom content management systems specific to movie marketing for STX Entertainment and Broad Green Pictures
  • Multiple motion picture marketing, social media, and advertising campaigns for Paramount Pictures, Disney, Fox Movies, NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Miramax, Starz, and many others, starting back in the 90’s
  • I also helped OPI (nail fashion) redesign their website and increase their Digital IQ by 52%.
Logos of past clients
Molly and Kent logo in perspective
The Present

2018 is a year of transition as I rebrand my digital and online career under the Molly & Kent banner. A new company with the focus of using design and technology to help people make a positive difference in our world.

My passion is using my experience to help people harness the positive power of the internet… to improve their lives, and the lives of those touched by their business.


The mission of Molly & Kent is to positively impact lives through the use of design and technology.

As a company we’re not industry specific. We’re not ‘vertical’ specific. And in theory that makes what we do harder to sell… We’re human specific. I want to work on projects that support people. Lift people up. Help people live richer lives.


The internet is the greatest societal equalizer of all human history, but it’s also intimidating to many people.

No matter anyone’s technological prowess or skill level, the opportunities for a better life through design and technology are open to all, and we want to facilitate those journeys.

These are the conversations we love to have, so please reach out if you think Molly & Kent could help you.


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