At Molly & Kent, we love coming up with ideas for web applications that help others.

The trick is knowing which ideas to keep working on. The following are those that passed muster.

The ethos of the M&K Projects is a good sign of the type of work we pour our hearts into. These projects will be ever evolving.
Accountable Partners

Find like minded business professionals who want to get more out of their lives.

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The Relationship Coach logo

Helping people find a lifetime of deeper love through coaching, classes and content.

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Teach Love Today

If we’re able to love one another because of our differences, then hate has no place to live.

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loveslices logo

The virtual gardener providing ongoing relationship care and nurturing to your love life.

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scopekeeper logo

Create project requirements, scope and visually show all deviations and changes to all stakeholders.

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Learn about people from different cultures, countries and circumstances to realize we’re all similar at heart.

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